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Stage Fright

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Stage Fright

Is it worth the fright? Have you ever gotten tongue-tied on a date, cold feet asking for a raise, sweaty hands with just the thought of speaking to a huge crowd, or found yourself hiding behind a book to avoid networking? You just might be experiencing Performance Anxiety. The good news is that you are hardly alone. This program, rather than reinforce your wishes to quickly get over it, will show you the benefits of recognizing the power of stage fright as a collective shared experience. In this experiential and creative workshop, expect to encounter the pessimism, obsessions, and unfounded beliefs that keep you stuck. You’ll overcome your fear of stepping into the spotlight. This workshop is part of the Art Series at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto.

When:  Oct.28th to Sun. Dec.3th

Times: Six Tuesday Evenings, 7 pm to 9:30pm

Fee: $165

Call: 416 964 9464 to book your spot