Project name:

Clowns, Fools and Jokers: play remedies for our times

Project description:

Clowns, Fools and Jokers:
play remedies for our times.

Exploring the theme of Pathos

The parts of ourselves that we don't play with, will play us

Giovanni Fusetti


Pathos in Greek means suffering. The suffering we work with in Gestalt therapy is not represented by our histories but rather the feelings arising from our histories affecting our sense of belonging. Can we play with our pathos? Clowns, Fools and Jokers say YES and welcome us back into our shared humanity. Clowns, Fools and Jokers are close members of the same family. They share similar attributes, alchemies or states of being. This is a Gestalt-inspired opportunity to experience how the clown, fool and joker medicine can help us to embrace our pathos, play them, and let them guide us in our way to pleasure, connection and healing.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen

Brené Brown

In this workshop, you will:

  • Discover new emotional awareness that leads to increased vitality
  • Explore different forms of Pathos through movement dynamics/physical theatre
  • Create and embody empowering characters that support self-expression

The approach:

This is a two-legged workshop in the sense that combines theatrical play with a Gestalt approach. There is a heavy emphasis in embodiment, movement, and play, not as much talk therapy.

Gestalt tells us that in the process of creatively adjusting to survive in impossible environments we may need to reject parts of self. We can imagine these alienated parts of self being pushed far to the dark corners of our psyche and Pathos as the echoes of their sorrows. Clowns teach us that in a state of play we have enough support to bring the rejected parts of ourselves into the light. Their state of playfulness, spontaneity, ability to be open to what emerges in the present and play with what is happening, is what makes it possible to bring us together into connection. The clown supports the quest for one's embodied awareness and self-expression that brings each person into contact with their unique way of being in the body and space. Pathos through the eyes of the clown offers opportunities to experience and integrate physical and emotional aspects of self, that have been pushed to the margins, in a way that will enhance our sense of self, our life force, and our right to belong. Playing our pathos can offer meaningful insights, an increased awareness and empathy towards our shared human experience. It's also aligning with the pedagogical roots of experiential learning in Gestalt therapy.

Workshop details:

When: One Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
2023, December 2nd; December 3rd
Time: December 2nd: 1pm to 5pm / December 3rd: 1 to 6pm
Where: Trinity St.Paul's (Bloor & Spadina) *

*Saturday @ Studio
Sunday @ Studio and Chapel

Coffee breaks 1x Saturday and 2x on Sunday


Early bird (by November 12th) $225+ HST
After November 12th until November 25th: $275 + HST
November 25th Registration deadline

For more information and to enroll contact me at
647 705 5110 or

Mario Lourenco