Step right up! Confront your fears!

summons Mario, as the ringmaster,


He leads by example and enacts his own journey as a young clown, nicknamed Squid after his tall teenage lankiness, and how he confronted his worst fear, his bully.


The adult ringmaster does what clowns do and moves between the worlds of the audience and the stage.


SQUID’s story was inspired by Mario’s own adolescent fears. It is a coming-of-age story about triumphing over adversities with an empowering resolution.

Here's what critics said:

(View Magazine Hamilton, Bryan Boodhoo)
Lourenco’s show will leave you better off as a person
...a psychotherapist by training. This doesn’t surprise me. There’s a lot going on in this show, and it truly has the potential to transform its audience for the better
(Hamilton Fringe Review, Ryan M. Sero )
an excellent clown, apparent in his inventiveness and playfulness, and also in his full embodiment of every emotion and action he takes
Lourenco is so warm as a performer, so inviting, and his fun is so infectious