How are you like a therapist?

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, allowing me to adapt to each person’s needs. I specialize in gestalt therapy, an approach that goes well with individuals who have a preference for active, expressive modes of treatment. I also have experience with, and can draw from, Feminist, Cognitive Behavioural, and Mindfulness approaches if these are intuitively more meaningful to you.
I believe the relationship between person and therapist takes top priority. This means that I am highly responsive and actively attend to your process, at times sharing my experience if relevant suggesting possibilities, and always empathically engaging in our co-creative meetings. This way of working fits with what clinical research consistently shows: that an authentic therapeutic relationship is essential to ensure a successful outcome.
In sum, I provide a balance of challenge and support, fostering new ways of looking at the problem(s) you are struggling with. You will experience a safe environment to try new and more fulfilling approaches, which can lead to an increase in self-acceptance and courage.

I am a Certified Gestalt Therapist, and I graduated from York University with an BA (Hons) in Sexuality Studies with distinction Cum Laude. My interests have driven me to train primarily in experiential-expressive therapies. I received my post-graduate training at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto in 2009. I also hold a MEd. in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy from OISE (UofT). In addition to being a men's group counselor and educator, with roots in pro-feminist theory for over 4 years, have traveled abroad as an Art Therapist with Unicef.

I am both a graduate of the Contemporary School of BalleTheatro (2000) in Porto and the National Conservatory of Theatre of Lisbon (2004). In 2003, I was honored to be chosen to represent the national theatre of Portugal at the Belgrade International Theatre Festival. I have found my home and 'red nose' in Toronto. Upon discovering my passion for the art of clown I have been continuously studying and deepening this art with Canadian clown artists such as Smith Gilmour, Francince Cote, Mark Cristman, and John Turner. I have been performing in theatre fringe festivals in Canada since 2007.